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Our Carpets

They are mainly copies of old Persian silk rug designs and made of cotton with 100% viscose pile giving them a wonderful silky sheen whilst maintaining durability and lightness.

A lot of people think that Viscose (also known as Rayon) is not bio-degradable, but it is!

Synthetic materials are those that are generally from oil-based derivatives and are made from polymers (like plastics) and therefore are not bio-degradable or sustainable, being fossil fuel based they are from a finite resource. Viscose, however, is a regenerated fibre from natural polymer materials like cellulose i.e, of plant origin. Our bags are made from carpets using Viscose which is spun from any number of different plant based derivatives such as wood pulp, bamboo, banana leaf pulp and the like. Therefore Viscose is not like other polymer based fibres, it will break down over time, not affecting the environment adversely, and comes from a sustainable renewable resource.

Due to the handmade nature of our bags and the intricate design of each carpet, not all of our fabrics are available on all of our models, and occasionally there will be fabrics which become available which we do not display on this page.

Patterns and colour may vary slightly from the images shown on each bag due to different carpet batches.

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