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Care And Repair

Caring for your Carpet Bag
You will find care instructions with all newly purchased bags. Carpet Bags are robust and everyday use should not affect the condition of your bag adversely. It will be a while before you need to think about cleaning it, if ever in some cases we have experienced! Many of our customers are still using their bags after 10 years or more.

The carpet manufacturers recommend dry cleaning for the carpet. However, where there is metal on a bag it is preferable for you to use a foam carpet cleaner (but please test a small area first). To give extra protection when new, a proprietary brand of fabric protector, such as “Scotchguard”, may be used.

Our warranty to you
All our bags are made by our craftspeople from our workshop in Bedfordshire, a lot of attention and care has gone into the making and construction of our Carpet Bags.In this respect, we warranty all seams and frames and attachments against defects in manufacturing and materials for the period of one-year post purchase. Within this time, we are happy to be able to offer free repairs carried out by our expert team of craftspeople.As we like to make sure all repairs are finished to the highest level, these repairs can take 3-4 weeks depending on the repair needed so just be aware that you might be without your bag for a while.

Repair Service
We are passionate about what we do and there is nothing we enjoy more than hearing stories from our customers about the length of time they have held our bags.We are here to help and if we can help breathe new life into one of your precious Carpet Bags we will. We are fortunate enough to have the skills of our in-house team who have been making Carpet Bags for several years. If we can throw life back into the Carpet Bag you cannot live without or if you want a twist to your repair, just ask!Work to repair or enhance items can vary considerably. We would ask you read and follow the attached guidelines, if you have any questions please just pick up the phone and ask, we will be happy to help.

To return a product for repair

  1. It is usually worth sending us some images and an explanation of what requires repairing by e-mail to Alternatively you may wish to call us first.This helps us determine the repair in more detail and avoids any unnecessary postage charge; we can also give you an approximation of the likely cost of undertaking the repair.
  2. Once we receive your item we will review what is required in its repair and confirm the exact cost to you before proceeding.
  3. We will then forward you a request for payment. Once we receive your funds we will proceed with undertaking the work.
For all UK, Europe and Rest of the World returns please send your bags to: Carpet Bags – Repair Service
c/o Polyformes Ltd
Cherrycourt Way
Leighton Buzzard
United Kingdom
Returns Policy
  • Customers are responsible for the delivery of goods when using the repair service; this includes the cost of shipping and any insurance for damage or loss in transit (although this is not a requirement but is undertaken at the Customer’s risk).
Carpet Bags will ensure goods are shipped back to the Customer at the cost of our standard shipping service that will be applied to the cost of their repair. Carpet Bags cannot accept customs charges incurred when returning items. IMPORTANT: All packages must be marked “Goods returned under warranty”.

Please Note: We may turn down repairs, albeit very rare, if deemed irreparable but an alternative solution will be offered where possible.

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