Let’s face it – if there’s one reason above all else that you’re buying a carpet bag rather than one of the more obvious ‘modern’ alternatives out there, it’s probably because you’re a great lover of the old-fashioned style they represent. Floral carpet bags may just be the ultimate ‘retro’ bag available today – yet, they wouldn’t retain such popularity if they weren’t also a very comfortable, durable and practical form of bag. 

Still, the main attraction of carpet bags for many of us remains their distinctive character. We’ve all got that image in our head of Mary Poppins with her magical carpet bag, or the carpet bag used by Phileas Fogg and Passepartout in the late 19th-century Jules Verne novel, Around the World in Eighty Days. But if there’s one thing that we remember about these iconic carpet bags other than their shape, it’s the gorgeous fabrics from which they were made.

It’s been quite a journey

We haven’t always used the same kind of fabrics for the creation of our carpet bags. Our founder, Loretta, literally made our company’s first carpet bags back in the 1970s from old pieces of carpet, sourced from a market in rural East Anglia, and carefully washed in what was then the only launderette in the small town of Bury St Edmunds.

The result of this washing process was wonderfully soft and luxurious deep pile fabric, which enabled us to create similarly beautiful carpet bags that London’s most prestigious department stores swiftly snapped up.

Alas, while we loved those old carpets, we couldn’t continue doing things the same way forever. It became much more difficult over the years to find these familiar old pieces of patterned carpet, which forced our switch to tapestry material that we purchased off the roll.

Our current fabrics are perfect for modern carpet bags 

Today, things are different again. We eventually found the carpets that we presently use for our carpet bags – copies of old Persian silk rug designs, made from cotton and viscose. They are durable, light but also have a lovely silky sheen. In short, they’ve got so much that you’d want from a carpet bag material, even before you consider the broad assortment of swatches in which they are available, ranging from Blue Chiraz, Blackberry and Mosaic to Sultan, Verda and Distressed.

Here at Carpet Bags, we realise it is the fabrics of our floral carpet bags that account for so much of their appeal – and which make the difference between a carpet bag that lasts for maybe a year or two, and one that lasts for a lifetime.

Ours are definitely in the latter category – so don’t hesitate to purchase your next floral carpet bag from us.