Tote bags have been central to European and American culture for much longer than you may think. While many people today may think of tote bags primarily in terms of fashion bags or even alternatives to disposable plastic bags, the term ‘tote’ or ‘tate’, meaning ‘to carry’, has a history dating back to the 17th century, even if it was not applied specifically to bags until about 1900. 

By then, as keen historians of all things carpet bags will know, it had already become customary for bags made out of carpet to be used as a convenient alternative to a wooden or metal trunk for many people in the West who needed to transport goods over long distances.

So in many ways, the respective histories of the carpet bag and the tote bag have been intertwined for at least a century – but what does that mean for our own approach to the design and production of women’s tote bags here at Carpet Bags?

Our carpet bags aren’t just chic throwbacks 

Now, the tote bag may seem to you to be of greater immediate relevance than the carpet bag. The latter, after all, surely has dated connotations and presumably isn’t usually even made out of carpet anymore.

However, while those may seem to be fair observations in many cases, they aren’t a fair assessment of what our women’s tote bags truly stand for here at Carpet Bags. For one thing, our carpet bags are definitely made from carpets – more specifically, using Viscose spun from various plant based derivatives. The women’s tote bags in our range also sport all of the intricate and traditional designs that you would expect from a carpet bag.

They offer so much more than the authentic carpet bag feel and aesthetic, though. Just look to such specific tote bags of ours as the Lindy Tote, which incorporates two magnetic catch closures, two internal pockets in a cotton moleskin lining and adjustable buckled leather straps, or the Penelope, which with its easily accessible open top and leather strap clip fastening, represents a great choice of shopping bag.

Or perhaps you think women’s tote bags should be more like the Large Cosmic bag? This was the very first design of carpet bag created by us back in 1974, and its relevance remains undimmed, thanks to such features as its double rawhide leather strap and choice of fabrics including the likes of Blackberry, Blue-chiraz, Pale-mosaic, Red-geo, Sultan and Verda.

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As you can see, women’s tote bags can take more than a few different and interesting forms in 2017 – and both the carpet bag and the tote bag have never been more relevant when approached the right way by masters of the art like ourselves here at Carpet Bags!