Whether it is your mother, daughter, wife, girlfriend or another woman for whom you wish to buy a present, you could understandably feel indecisive. Is there really something out there that can be functional, thoughtful and reflective of the lady's personality? A carpet bag could be the ideal gift.

We are Carpet Bags - and we make carpet bags

If you have little experience or knowledge of carpet bags, the mere mention of them might bring to mind ever-evocative images of Mary Poppins, one of the most famous – albeit fictional – owners of these iconic bags. However, you could easily underestimate how varied carpet bags can be. We certainly don't, as we have been making our own carpet bags for decades!

We got started near the Suffolk market town of Bury St Edmunds in 1974 – and today, we continue to utilise our extensive experience in carpet bag manufacturing, producing original and unique bags by hand. Genuine carpet and tapestry materials are used in our manufacturing process.

Various enticing fruits of our labours

If you think your special woman could benefit from a British-made women’s bag that is spacious, comfortable and good-looking, you can choose from various suitable offerings here at Carpet Bags.

These include the Cosmo, a small bag in which the lady's keys, purse and phone can be kept secure and at close hand, thanks to its zip fastening and cord strap. It's ideal for quick visits to the shop, while the evening bags in our selection include the Bertie and Hattie clutch bags.

Made from both leather and carpet, the aforementioned two bags each feature a clutch that a magnetic catch closure can be used to fasten. Both bags also look great with any outfit.

A broad choice of fabric swatches

With each of these three offerings in our British-made women’s bag selection, you can choose from an assortment of fabric swatches for an elegant look. These options include - but are definitely not limited to - blue-chiraz and pale-mosaic for the Cosmo, sultan and verda with the Bertie, and blackberry and mosaic if you choose the Hattie. 

Perusing this choice and ordering your favourite of these bags can be easily done through our website. Seriously, when you are looking for unashamedly contemporary carpet bags, how could you possibly consider any other online store?