Here at Carpet Bags, we have the complete assortment of tote carpet bags at the ready, showing that whether you are on the lookout specifically for carpet bags or tote bags, when you purchase from us, you can be assured of the finest in British design and craftsmanship.


So, what is the difference?

We’ve been producing colourful, interesting and well-made carpet bags since the early 1970s, so we think we’re quite confident of what a carpet bag is! It’s a type of travelling bag that was traditionally made from carpet – ours are made from carpets using Viscose, which comes from a sustainable renewable resource, unlike other polymer based fibres.

Carpet bags, while obviously boasting the charming and distinctive aesthetic of actual carpet with its ever-fascinating patterned designs, were conceived as a form of baggage that was sufficiently light to be carried by the passenger themselves, instead of a porter. They subsequently rose to prominence in both the United States and Europe in the 19th century. 

This has close parallels with the tote bag, which only become truly popularised in the 20th century, but was similarly intended to be carried easily – indeed, the very word “tote” means “to carry”. Tote bags were certainly easier to carry than more traditional luggage and to this day, they are a practical and fairly no-nonsense, yet also undoubtedly chic type of bag.


We offer you a stylish and durable range of carpet tote bags

If you are looking for unique, handmade and delightfully functional twists on the basic formula of the carpet bag and tote bag, you’ve come to the right place here at Carpet Bags!

We give you no shortage of great options for a carpet tote bag, ranging from the zip top oversized Florence handbag and the Penelope with its clip fastening and two internal pockets in a cotton moleskin lining, to our classic Large Cosmic bag. We say “classic”, because the Cosmic was the very first design of carpet bag that our company produced, with its sheer design quality and versatility having greatly helped it to stand the test of time.

For us here at Carpet Bags, a great bag is a great bag – whether it is a carpet bag, tote bag or an inventive combination of the two. Why not browse our selection of attractive, durable and pleasurable to use carpet tote bags today, and see which one captures your own heart?