You only need to look briefly over the history of carpet bags to see that what these incredible forms of luggage are truly about is travel, and making it quicker, easier and more convenient to get from one place to another with a lot of stuff.

After all, the carpet bag became popular in the first place because it was so darned light compared to the wooden or metal trunks that had been, until the 19th century, what people typically used to carry around a large number of items on those big, ambitious journeys across the world.

Those trunks aren’t so common anymore at airport terminals, but the carpet bag remains in fine fettle, even if these days, its appeal may seem to be largely retro rather than practical. That latter assessment, as you might have guessed, is not one that we agree with here at Carpet Bags!

Our more commodious carpet bags can do it all

Having been producing carpet bags since 1974, we know that these wonderful things can be both aesthetically impressive and capable of containing loads of your most treasured possessions, as our extensive selection of large carpet bags proves. 

Yes, we can bring out your inner Phileas Fogg or Mary Poppins with such wonderful large carpet bags as Isabella, with its leather handle, detachable leather shoulder strap and cotton moleskin lining, and the Beta, which boasts the external front pockets that make it a lovely weekend bag.

At the higher end of our range of more spacious carpet bags can be found our Gladstone bags, which really are quite something. Perhaps our Euro Gladstone bag could be the ideal choice of luggage for you, with its design reminiscent of a bygone age of Charlie Chaplin and Buster Keaton?

Alternatively, you might want to go the whole hog – well, the whole Fogg – with our incredible-looking Global Gladstone bag. Its carpet-covered strong steel frame, long clip-on strap and front brass plate with turn-button closure help to make it surely the ultimate long-haul carpet bag that can also accommodate just about as much luggage as you could conceivably want to carry.

Don’t shop for carpet bags anywhere else!

Yes, we can make your dream of owning your very own authentic carpet bag come true, and when you pick from one of our fine large carpet bags, you don’t even have to sacrifice practicality. Simply visit our online store today to discover your new ever-dependable travelling companion.