The Persian rug has long been a favourite feature of British homes, and it’s not exactly difficult to figure out why. Such rugs are, after all, incredible and unique pieces of art, with every pattern, fibre and knot saying something about their act of creation. They’re supremely comfortable, too, and are even collectable. 

So, it might go without saying that many of these things also apply to our Persian carpet bags...

Persian carpet bags that feel like the real thing

This is where we have to confess a little something. While our earliest carpet bags were made in the 1970s, using pieces of carpet literally obtained from a deadstock auction, we’ve had to slightly change how we do things over the years, not least because it became increasingly hard for us to source old pieces of patterned carpet.

At first, we switched to tapestry material purchased off the roll, before eventually coming across the carpets that we now use. These are mainly copies of old Persian silk rug designs made from cotton and viscose, which means we can offer you so many of the best things about genuine Persian carpet bags, without the drawbacks.

Yes, the fabrics from which our Persian carpet bags are made definitely look like the real thing, not least thanks to the vast selection of patterns that can be specified for them, ranging from Blue Chiraz, Blackberry and Mosaic to Verda, Pale Mosaic and Distressed.

However, these fabrics also make a lot of practical sense, offering the combination of durability, lightness and a wonderfully silky sheen that means you’ll be proudly carrying around your Persian carpet bag on even the most inconsequential shopping trips for many years to come!

We know how to ‘do’ Persian carpet bags

Whatever your reasons for collecting Persian rugs or carpet bags of a similar aesthetic – perhaps a keen appreciation of the motifs and patterns associated with such rugs, or a taste for high quality and uniqueness, or something different altogether – we can be your store of choice for Persian carpet bags.

With handbags, clutches, framed bags, tote bags, satchels, rucksacks and many more Persian carpet bags presently available from us that are both traditional in feel and perfectly suited to your present-day needs, we couldn’t be more delighted to take your order.