A carpet bag, you might think, is a simple enough invention: it’s a bag, made out of carpet. Indeed, in its earliest days, this was exactly what it was, with the bag in question commonly being made from an oriental rug. 

Much the same could be said of the first carpet print bags produced by our company, Carpet Bags – or more specifically, by our founder Loretta. This was back in 1974, when she was first asked whether she had any ideas for items that could be sold at a local charity stall in Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk.

She went on to make about 20 bags from carefully washed pieces of carpet obtained from the deadstock auction at the local livestock market, and very successful they were, too. The designs were interestingly varied, the deep pile fabric itself was wonderfully soft and luxurious, and all of the bags were subsequently sold to Liberty and Harrods, two of London’s most iconic department stores.

‘Carpet print’ didn’t always mean the same thing...

While our company has continued to go from strength to strength since those days, the carpet print bags in our present range do differ a little from those produced in the early ‘70s. That is not least because as the years passed, it became more difficult for us to find the old pieces of patterned carpet to which carpet bag fans and our own customers were becoming accustomed.

This prompted our switch to tapestry material purchased on the roll, laminated to produce an extremely strong fabric. Fast-forward some more years, though, and we transitioned to the carpets that we presently use, which are cotton and viscose copies of old Persian silk rug designs. They’re wonderfully light, durable and silky, and available in a vast range of swatches including Blue Chiraz, Blackberry, Verda, Red Herat, Sultan and Distressed, to name just a few.

What is the point that we are making here?

Simple: carpet print bags, while still often traditional in aesthetic, have never truly remained the same for long. The carpet bags that came to prominence in the 19th century answered the pressing requirement of the time for a lighter and more practical alternative to the wooden and metal trunks that were popular at the time, but which required the assistance of porters.

But times have changed, and so have carpet print bags. Today, buying a carpet bag rarely means buying ‘just’ a carpet bag – it could mean buying a clutch bag, purse, tote bag, satchel or even a rucksack from our range of bags that have been perfectly designed and engineered for the 21st century.

Why not purchase what may be your first ever carpet bag, or simply the latest of several, from the Carpet Bags online store today? When you do, you’ll realise there is a carpet print bag to suit every conceivable need you could have for work, rest and play.