Since they rose to popularity in 19th-century Europe and America, carpet bags have been among the most iconic of all types of bag.

Thanks in large part to their association with such (fictional) icons as Mary Poppins and Phileas Fogg, as well as their sheer practicality, ease of use, comfort and all-round style, unique handmade carpet bags like those that we make here at Carpet Bags remain hugely popular.

Here are just a few of the carpet bags that take pride of place in our present range.

1.Bobbie Classic

When you’re looking for a well-made and practical handbag that incorporates so many of the best things about our carpet bags, you really can’t beat the Bobbie Classic.

It incorporates a unique carpet flap with adjustable leather strap and buckle fastenings, while its compact dimensions make it the perfect handbag for securing such small, but nonetheless essential everyday items as phones and purses.


Like the Bobbie Classic, the Cosmo may be on the small side, but it has no shortage of presence, in large part thanks to the broad assortment of timeless carpet swatches in which it is available.

Take your pick from the likes of Blue-chiraz, Distressed, Mosaic, Royal-herat, Sultan and many more fine options. 

The Cosmo is just the right size when you don’t want to have to carry a big bag or handbag around with you, but still want to have somewhere to store your phone, purse, keys and other basic essentials when on a night out or trip to the shops.


The Celia shoulder bag is a longstanding fixture in our range of unique handmade carpet bags, and with good reason. It is a straightforward but stylish bag, incorporating the likes of leather piping along the seams, a no-fuss magnetic catch closure and a leather-bound adjustable shoulder strap that is sufficiently long to be worn across the body.

There are separate pockets in which to place such items as your keys and phone, with the cotton moleskin lining another firm indicator of the high standards to which we make our highly regarded carpet bags.

As you can see, no carpet bag is quite the same as the next, for all kinds of reasons – there’s certainly not just one ‘look’ of carpet bag, so there’s no reason why you can’t find the perfect one for your own tastes and practical requirements.

When you’re looking for all things unique handmade carpet bags, there’s no reason to look further than Carpet Bags.